Blogging Day #49 — Hard Rock Cafe

This is not my 49th day of blogging, of course. I’ve been blogging since September 24, 2007, and I’ve written 684 posts, but this is my 49th straight day of posting.  I’ve been wanting the discipline of writing every day, and since I have no focus for fiction, I decided that recommitting myself to blogging is a good way of getting back into writing. Luckily, I usually can find something interesting to say (interesting to me, that is. I can only hope it’s interesting to you). But today, I’ve been out gallivanting with  friends and got back late, which leaves me little time and no inclination to pontificate. (I hear your sounds of relief!!)

So here is something I hope will amuse you as much as it did me. This was an exhibit in the Route 66 Museum we visited today:

Here is a close-up of the menu:

10 Responses to “Blogging Day #49 — Hard Rock Cafe”

  1. Kat Sheridan Says:

    OMG, this is hilarious! And utterly brilliant! What a fabulous way to display stones and get people to look twice! Even the “napkin”. Fabulous.

  2. Olivia Cunning (@oliviacunning) Says:

    Looks good enough to eat. Seriously. I’m craving fried chicken now. And I was just wondering what to make myself for dinner. Hopefully it doesn’t taste like hard rocks. (as opposed to soft rocks)

  3. James Rafferty Says:

    Looks good, but doesn’t go down so well. Very cool.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I love rocks. Seriously. One of my favorite books is “A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals.” This is awesome!

  5. Wanda Hughes Says:

    Being a died-in-the-wool rockhound I know exactly what this is! I love this sort of thing and look for it at any rock show I attend. I have yet to find a rock that looks like food but I’ll never give up. I do have a display cabinet for my better finds and of course they’re catalogued as to what, where, when.

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