6 Responses to “The Internet is Attacking Me!!”

  1. Cathy "Elaine Garverick" Gingrich Says:

    Hi Pat, Just because you feel paranoid doesn’t mean it’s all in your head. I left a message for you on some other parallel universe yesterday. I am not going to use FB anymore as anything I need to say can be done on my website or via email. I’m working on a FB farewell address to my friends and family re future contact info. WITH YOUR PERMISSION, I planned on forwarding your blog to them as explanation. Cathy

  2. Ann Wilmer-Lasky Says:

    You are not paranoid. Big brother is watching. And you may want to run a malware detector on your computer. Other than that, it’s a wonder these things work at all.

  3. sandy Says:

    “Escalate” is customer service speak for giving more attention to solving your problem, maybe moving it up to someone with more authority to do something about it. And definitely run that malware scan because it does sound like someone is messing with you, I was recently hacked and it turns out it was the hackers that cleaned out my contacts list, not a problem with yahoo so . . . warrants looking into.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Well no wonder nothing ever gets done. Escalate also means to exacerbate the problem.

      I ran a malware/virus scan, even called Trend Micro (the supplier) and they said there is no way a virus in my computer could affect an email service that I access online. It can only affect it if I used Outlook or Windows Mail.

  4. sandy Says:

    The above being said, I sometimes think this whole internet thing is analogous to the Tower of Babel and will ultimately be more divisive than unifying and then I wonder how far the Atlanteans got before their continent was submerged and then I wonder is there really a god? Who? What? maybe we are all just someone’s computer game? Actually this all brings to mind a cartoon in The New Yorker that caught my 7 year old attention because it was a kid watching himself and his family on a TV screen all of them sitting around watching a TV screen, within a TV screen, etc. etc. Television was the big new thing in the early fifties.

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