There Really Is Life Offline — If You’re a Goose

It seems as if my entire life is lived online now,  and as enticing as it is to visit friends on facebook, talk about writing in one of my discussion groups, check my various email addresses for the hundredth time, even I need a break. So, yesterday I went for a picnic at a nearby lake.

This lake seems to be sort of an unofficial wildlife preserve. It’s one of the few bodies of water in the vicinity and it is a popular spot for waterfowl to stop by and rest during their migrations. For us humans, there is always something new to see (or feed). I’ve seen lots of coots, mallards, a few wood ducks, a blue-billed duck, egrets, swans, herons, and geese.

I counted at least six different geese families yesterday, but this particular family (blelow) stood out because of the blonde baby. Maybe geese aren’t as monogamous as they are made out to be!

Seems like an ideal life, doesn’t it? A summer home, a winter home, and swimming in between. There is only one drawback to beeing a goose — no internet.

5 Responses to “There Really Is Life Offline — If You’re a Goose”

  1. awlasky Says:

    Sometimes it’s good to be a goose.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Great pics! I am so trying to find a life offline. I got off FB – it really was a waste of time for me but it sure is quiet now – I have to learn how to be quiet again.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      FB is noisy, isn’t it? I still hang around, but mostly because of my discussion groups. If not for those, I wouldn’t have much to do on the site except to see if anyone left a comment on a link I posted. I don’t play games, don’t particularly like to look at photos, get tired of the brags and promos, My main time consumer on the internet continues to be this blog (it’s astonishing to me how long it takes to write a simple essay) and emails.

      • Kathy Says:

        Well, I love blogs and blogging but mostly the few that are heartfelt and honest. Somebody described country music as “three chords and the truth” and as a music lover and musician at heart, I try to be the same way in my writing. It isn’t always understood or appreciated, but it brings me great joy!

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