California Dreaming on Route 66

I am in Victorville. California at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, signing books at the Route 66 International Festival. Route 66 enthusiasts from all over the world are here to celebrate the Mother Road and a world gone by.

Ruins along Route 66 in California near Bagdad

The road that fueled dreams of a better life is mostly absorbed into the modern world of interstate travel, but there are still some remembrances of those nostalgic times.

Bagdad Cafe from the movie of the same name

The original Bagdad Cafe is long gone. This structure was the Sidewinder Cafe, renamed for use in the movie, and is located 50 miles west of where Bagdad once stood. Odd to see the screen come to life in this dusty, out of the way place.

Roy’s Motel and Cafe in Amboy on Route 66

Roy’s Hotel and Cafe in Amboy, California, is being restored to it’s former glory (if such an elemental structure can be considered glorious.) The route beer I got at the small store at the gas station was glorious, or perhaps I was simply thirsty. I’m sure you’ve seen similar photos before, but I took this one. Well, I took all of them.

Route Beer. What writer could resist such a pun?

4 Responses to “California Dreaming on Route 66”

  1. Cathy "Elaine Garverick" Gingrich Says:

    Hi Pat, It seems you are livin’ the dream! Glad you’re having fun on the “Route to Adventure” I had planned on traveling when I got out of high school. But my fantasy included driving it in an MG…not a corvette as in the old TV show. Stay hydrated with your route beer!

  2. joylene Says:

    Did you get photos of you signing books? I hope so.

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