Being Reminded

It was too windy for me to go for a walk today, so I worked around the house — dusting, dry mopping, wet mopping, and various other chores. What struck me as I was pampering my house is how many people contributed in one way or another to my being here, through small inheritances and other legacies, furniture donations, help in fixing up the place, in oh, so many ways. I don’t like thinking that people had to die for me to be here, but the love they left behind is something I do like to think of. At times, it feels as if the house wraps me in comfort and safety, which I particularly needed to be reminded of today.

Elections don’t normally affect me one way or another, but this one has me scared for what it portends for our country. I’m particularly aware of the revolution going on that will upend the core beliefs of many of us and make the world a lot less safe. With potential new taxes, with new mores, with the lack of any desire on the part of some leaders to stop the looting in various cities (in fact, some nominees actually approve of looting and want to keep it going), there will be no way to keep what we have from the grasp of the various powers if they want to take it. (Not that this is anything new. It’s just that I never had anything before to be taken so it never seemed personal.)

Although I knew this revolution was going on, and has been going on for many decades in one form or another, I never thought to see it gaining ground so rapidly. I figured I’d be gone by the time this country became unrecognizable. Luckily, I live in the back of beyond where people still believe in accountability, responsibility, family, equality, freedom, law and order, less rather than more government, and all the other strengths of a stable society, so maybe I won’t feel the effects as much as I fear.

But whether those big changes come soon or are still several years away, for today, I am surrounded by all the love invested in this house. And that’s a great place to be. And a wonderful thing to be reminded of.

And speaking of being reminded, let’s not forget that in nine days, my latest novel,  Bob, The Right Hand of God will be published! If you would like to be notified by email when the book is available, click here: Bob, The Right Hand of God, sign up for email notifications, and Amazon will let you know the minute it is for sale.

4 Responses to “Being Reminded”

  1. Carol J. Garvin Says:

    I don’t envy you the upcoming election. So many people I know are hoping desperately that it will result in a new leader that loves the country and respects its people. Here in Canada we won’t be having a federal election this year, but BC is holding a provincial election in two weeks. I always vote, but I feel somewhat removed from much of it — except for the annoying television ads! There is truth in the fact that some communities aren’t affected as much as others. Smaller towns seem more insulated…perhaps more introspective…thus more protective of friends, family, and neighbours who they know and care about.

    Your living room is beautiful — very tranquil and cosy looking. 🙂

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      The opposite party is the one that hates us and is working to make us Marxist. It’s amazing to me how the democratic presidents always do terrible things in our name and then apologize for us as if we are the ones who did these terrible things. When the democrats are in control, the press is silent, so we never know what is going on until afterward. I fear this more than the present regime.

      But yes, my living room is tranquil and cosy and helps keep me centered on what I can control.

  2. Sam Sattler Says:

    Like you, Pat, we are sort of in despair at what’s to come next. My wife is more anxious than me, but we are seriously, for the first time ever, talking about moving away from such a large city to a place we will feel safer if the election goes the way it seems to be headed. Sadly, our children and grandchildren are firmly planted in Houston because they were all born here or grew up here…and I think this city is doomed.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Such a harsh reality to have to face. It’s bad enough when outside agitators and terrorists try to steal our country from us, but this is from the inside, from people who should be trying to preserve the USA, not destroy it. I’m sad for all of us.

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