A Small Life

It’s amazing how many hours there are in a day when one gets up early, like way too early, before the sun is even a hint in the sky. Already I’ve read, played on the computer, cleaned house, went for a walk, fixed a meal, and now here I am, trying to put together today’s blog.

For a change, I have plenty of time to write; it’s just a shame I don’t have anything exciting to write about. There’s just me, and that for sure is not exciting. I am not one of those folks who live large. I’m certainly not lavish or extravagant (though I did recently splurge on a winter coat that was marked down for clearance). Nor am I living in what is considered luxury by other people’s standards.

The truth is, I live small. I spend most of my time alone. Even before the whole Bob mess, I stopped going to restaurants or any place groups of people hang out. (Groups were never really my thing, anyway.)

And yet, my life seems luxurious to me. I have a lovely small house and a comfortable home. (Although in today’s world, “house” and “home” are synonymous, I don’t consider them so because you can have a house that’s not a home and a home that’s not a house.) I have a small job so I can afford luxuries like eating. I drive a small car that was paid for decades ago. I have all the books I want to read a small walk away. So, yes, luxurious!

Still, luxury in my eyes is not exciting to others by any means. And even though I mention such things as my house out of gratitude at this still-surprising upturn in my life, I fear sounding braggadocious if I expound too much. But basically, this is my life. A small life.

And yet, I do wish I had something more exciting to write about than me.

Maybe someday . . .


Pat Bertram is the author of intriguing fiction and insightful works of grief.

5 Responses to “A Small Life”

  1. jj7854 Says:

    More than not, I awake anywhere from 2 to 6am. I lay there reading morning news and such thinking will fall back to sleep if awake nearer the 2 am mark. But it rarely works. Would be so much more productive if I would just stop trying to convince my brain of the elusive sleep and get up. But my bed is so cozy in the wee hours my inner child just doesn’t want to.
    I agree about the difference between house and home, and it’s substantial if one has ever had a home. My home is a refuge, a place to go where it sooths the soul and allows me to be completely myself.

  2. Uthayanan Says:

    It is important to have satisfied, happy, pleasant, small and simple life.
    I have read lots of best novels in many languages where authors have only written about themselves with the other people around. Very much admired by lectures.
    The last four years I have laughed a very little. Except one day. One of my French classmate for the Japanese class talked about his mother ironically but with lot of fun. Without insulting her. He made every body laughed.
    For a change please write some blogs with lots of humor.

  3. Constance/' Koch Says:

    Simplicity in life seems to make a person happier.

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