Sex With Sister Tips. Um…Yeah

One of my favorite aspects of wordpress is the list of search engine terms people used to find my blog, and I often refer to the list to give me ideas for blog posts. The terms used to be pretty straightforward — short story tips, describe a scene, meaning of car color — but ever since I posted an interview with my sister called “Was It Bizarre Reading a Sex Scene Written By Your Sister?” I’ve been finding the strangest terms on the list. I had no idea so many people wanted to have sex with their sisters.

These are a few of the terms people Googled, Binged, Yahooed in the past two weeks to get to this blog:

  1. sex with sister tips
  2. my sister sex mi yes
  3. bizarre sister
  4. bizarre sex scenes
  5. sex with sister (at least one of these every day)
  6. bizarre sex (lots of these)
  7. how to have sex with your sister (lots of these)
  8. images of sex with your sister
  9. give me your sex sister
  10. first time sister sex
  11. sex sister (several of these)
  12. sex questions sister
  13. sex with your sister
  14. sex didn’t know it was sister
  15. sex had with your sister
  16. sex with sister scenes

Perhaps some of these refer to song lyrics? I wouldn’t know. I don’t listen to much music except the song of silence.

Besides these terms, there were many focused on how to write sex scenes. Hmmm. I’m not sure I want to give tips on having sex with your sister, but I might be able to come up with some tips on how to write a sex scene. I’ll do some research on erotica and get back to you.

Feel free to leave a comment with your tips on writing sex scenes. But please . . . omit any reference to your sister.

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