Reviewing Interviews

I made it through the first week of my blog tour!! I’m getting to the hard part, though. I have several interviews coming up, and it’s challenging keep from making identical responses to identical questions. There really is only one story behind the writing of Daughter Am I —  I wanted to use the true tales of the Syndicate an historian friend used to tell me, and I wanted to do a mythic journey, so I combined the two ideas into the book —  but I don’t want to bore people bycontinually talking about that not so very interesting inception. So, I wait until very late at night when my defenses are down, and I write what ever comes to mind.

Yes, I know — I keep talking about how words don’t come easy to me, but that’s only when it comes to fiction. When it comes to late night stream of consciousness, well, the words do come. I just hope they are worth reading. I guess we’ll find out. My first interview is today with Shelagh Watkins. Click here to find it.

I must have used up all my words last night for the interview. I’ve been sitting here for the past ten minutes trying to think of something witty to say, or perhaps pithy, but my mind is a total blank. Not good. I have a live chat in a couple of hours on Reviewers Roundup to talk about blog tours, and I need at least a few words for that. Maybe I’ll go take a walk. See if I can find a few words among the fallen leaves.

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4 Responses to “Reviewing Interviews”

  1. Dave Ebright Says:

    Pat – I was looking at how your blog tour was going & reading various posts. Wow – no wonder you’re sitting in front of the computer in a blank state! You have been working like a maniac. I’ve been reading Daughter Am I. You waste no time getting your reader “into” the story. Very entertaining. Dialogue (so far) is the way I like it. Crisp. Enjoy – I think Daughter Am I is going to be a hit.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Dave, I am so pleased you are enjoying Daughter Am I so far. I hope you’re right about Daughter Am I being a hit, but a book can’t be a hit if no one knows about it. Hence this tour. I’m looking forward to being a guest on your blog on Tuesday. Should be fun. Aren’t you in Florida? It seems as if I’m flitting back and forth between Canada and Florida this tour.

  2. Dave Ebright Says:

    St Augustine Florida to be exact. Did a pre-post about your visit & the promo effort & the fact that I need to crank it up on the ‘getting the word out’ – Looking forward to your visit.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I saw your pre-post. I’m going to add it to my blog tour schedule! I want people to know that you like my book! Besides, it’s a good post, and a good discussion.

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