Don’t Get in a Lather

I got an email from my brother yesterday with “My Pride and Joy” in the subject line. I wondered if perhaps he finally got the dog he wanted, or even a new car, but this is what he sent:

He sent the same photo to a friend in London, and his friend paid him back with this photo of Bolt near the finish:

A fab idea dawned on me — I could play the game, too, and send him a photo to pledge good cheer. The thrill wasn’t there, though, and it would gain me nothing at all. The idea didn’t seem bold enough or have the right tone, and anyway, it might cause a cascade of suds as a payback. Still, someday or some era I might. Perhaps when the tide comes in.

8 Responses to “Don’t Get in a Lather”

  1. SFH Says:

    If you ever go to a University of Alabama Crimson Tide game you will see people carrying sticks with two toilet paper rolls and a box of Tide in between. “Roll Tide Roll,”

  2. Kathy Bertone Says:

    Um. Cute and creative, but just a bit too much of both, perhaps? Really not a question. I do hope this was just boredom during studying for exams or something similar…;)

  3. rami ungar the writer Says:

    Oh, those are the types of bad puns I hate!

  4. dellanioakes Says:


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