6 Responses to “Being Myself”

  1. Judy Galyon Says:

    Patty Melt for Pat!!!! Enjoy!

  2. Sam Sattler Says:

    We are really fortunate to have so many choices, Pat. Some days are just going to be better than others, I suppose, what with weather and mood swings, etc. I’ve settled into a set routine now, and I wondering if that’s a good approach or a bad one. On the one hand, every day seems like the one before it. On the other, at least I don’t get too frustrated because I can’t think of something to do.

    Yesterday was my grocery hunt day, and I came home frustrated by the number of people who still are not taking this seriously. At least a third of my fellow shoppers were without masks, and that is just crazy. And it wasn’t all younger folks. I saw several elderly people without masks, too. What really kills me is that those without masks are the most likely ones to crowd your space by coming up behind you or standing within two feet of you until you pluck your item from the shelf. I will never understand people.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Some people think they are invincible. Some people think it’s a hoax and so they won’t get sick. Whatever the truth about how virulent this disease is, it’s still a disease, and one that needs to be treated with respect. I’m lucky in that I live in a small town with a small grocery store, and if I pick my time, I see only one or two people besides the employees. I might be confused by all the hype, but I certainly am not foolish. I take precautions against any flu or cold. Even at the best of times, I can’t stand At least now I have an excuse to veer away from people.

      As for routine — so far, my only real routine is this blog. I don’t always have something important to say (not even to me!) but it’s the discipline that counts. I noticed today I have a bunch of jigsaw puzzles I never completed. Maybe it’s time I stopped spending so much time online and work those puzzles.

  3. Henry Chamberlain Says:

    Wonderful post. For those of us safe at home, we just need to remain vigilant, upbeat, and creative! I applaud your patty melt sandwich! I made a pizza the other night and it was worth it! I’ll be making all sorts of other fun meals too. Heck, we all may come to embrace cooking for ourselves more often.

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