Happy Thirteenth Bloggiversary to Me!

I created this blog exactly thirteen years ago today, back when I hadn’t yet become a published author, back when I had just acquired my first computer and didn’t even know what a blog was. I had read how important blogging was for authors, both as a way of getting known and as a way of connecting with readers, so I decided to “act as if” I were going to be published in the hopes of making it happen. I had nothing to say, no one to say it to, no reason to say anything, but I didn’t let that stop me. I started blogging on September 24, 2007, and haven’t stopped since.

Did acting as if I were going to get published work? Perhaps, though there is no direct connection that I know of. Still, one and a half years after starting this blog, my first two books were published. I now have eight books available: five suspense novels, one mystery, and two non-fiction books about grief. A ninth book will soon be published, a novel that my publisher said, “is playful, fun and well-written. It spans genres, so I’m not sure if there is an exploitable target audience. I don’t care. I like it.”

Two-and-half years after I started this blog, my life mate/soul mate died, and his death catapulted me into a world of such pain that it bled over into my posts. This blog became a place where I could try to make sense of what I was going through, to offer comfort and be comforted, to find my way to renewed life. And I struck a chord with people who were also dealing with grief. It’s no wonder my top posts are grief related: What Do You Say to Someone Who is Grieving at Christmas? with 82,261 views and The Five Major Challenges We Face During the Second Year of Grief with 38,122 views.

This blog sustained me during the years I cared for my father after Jeff’s death, and it gave me a place to rest when my father died four years later, and I was thrown out into the world, alone and orphaned.

And this blog offered me a place to call home when I set out alone on a five-month, 12,000 mile cross-country road trip, gave me a place where I could talk about all the wonders I was seeing. Often on that trip, when I was between visits with online friends, I thought of William Cowper’s words: How sweet, how passing sweet, is solitude! But grant me still a friend in my retreat, whom I may whisper, solitude is sweet. And this blog became a place where I could whisper, “Solitude is sweet.”

Currently, as I am continuing to settle into a house of my own, it’s nice to know that whatever life throws at me, whatever problems I encounter, whatever challenges and adventures — and joys — come my way, this blog will be here for me.

During the past thirteen years, I have written 2,842 blogs, received 19,481 comments, and garnered 873,352 views. It amazes me that anyone wants to read anything that I write here. This is so much a place for just letting my thoughts roam, for thinking through problems, and (I admit it) for pontificating a bit. It’s been a kick, writing this blog, and I want to thank all of you for indulging my whims and whimsys.

Thank you for reading. Thank you all for your comments, your likes, your support. They have meant more to me (especially this past ten and a half years) than you can ever imagine.


Pat Bertram is the author of Grief: The Inside Story – A Guide to Surviving the Loss of a Loved One. “Grief: The Inside Story is perfect and that is not hyperbole! It is exactly what folk who are grieving need to read.” –Leesa Healy, RN, GDAS GDAT, Emotional/Mental Health Therapist & Educator.

13 Responses to “Happy Thirteenth Bloggiversary to Me!”

  1. Malcolm R. Campbell Says:

    13th birthday + year 2020 = Start Twilight Zone music.

    Actually, if there’s an epic blog on Word Press, it’s yours. Your wisdom and writings about grief would justify that alone. But there’s so much more here. There always has been even if you feel like your shooting the breeze in some of your posts. Congratulations, Pat.

  2. Judy Galyon Says:

    You are quite the writer. I wish I could find something that interests me as much.

  3. Uthayanan Says:

    Congratulations, Pat.
    First time I read a blog nearly every day since one year.
    Even though I like all blogs of Pat I never read articles of grief written beautifully and heart fully in French.
    Last two months I had a very bad time of grief nearly every day. During the time Pat’s writing helped me a lot

  4. rami ungar the writer Says:

    Congratulations! What a huge milestone!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Congrats! Now I kinda wish I’d been more… consistent? Stable? I’m not sure what I mean – lol! I started blogging around 2005 on Blogger. I’ve had several blogs and I’ve deleted posts and entire blogs so I don’t have interesting stats like that. Always reinventing myself – ha! Anyway, this is really cool, Pat! Love it!

  6. Stuart Danker Says:

    Whoa, I think this is the longest bloggiversary I’ve seen to date here on WordPress. That’s a super huge milestone! Congratulations, and do continue inspiring writers by publishing more books and showing what’s possible 🙂

  7. snakesinthegrass2014 Says:

    Happy blogiversary! I believe I found your blog during the period in which you were getting your Beetle renovated and restored, which I remember being fascinated by. All of that I recall was the lead-up to your cross-country trip (which I also found fascinating). Every blogger finds readers in a different way, I guess. 😉 – Marty

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